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Sit back and allow us to simplify the planning process of your trip to the Baltic region.

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We know precisely what makes a trip to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia so special and the key ingredients which will guarantee an unforgettable adventure. From high-quality accommodation and famous attractions to hidden gems and authentic encounters with locals; we can design the ultimate travel itinerary which caters to any budget and the needs of any individual.

Flexibility and Unique Experiences

While the famous attractions are worth the wait, there are many sides to the Baltic region, and we know how to find each of them. At the same time, we incorporate these experiences into a flexible itinerary which is tailor-made to your specific requirements. Whether you seek a particular standard of luxury, more free time or even a plan for a shoestring budget, we can adjust this itinerary to create the ultimate Baltic tour.

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As always, please feel free to contact us to discuss the details of your trip to Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania. We have a passion for Baltic travel and love nothing more than discussing the many aspects that will ensure an unforgettable trip for first-time visitors.

How to book a Tailor-made tour?

What standard of accommodation would you prefer?

We can organize various standards of accommodation from cheap and cheerful hostels to affordable guesthouses and luxury hotels.

What kind of transport do you have in mind?

Whether you prefer for a private car, luxury coach or something in between; we have many options to cater for any number of visitors.

Are there any day tours or side excursions you would like to include?

We understand there may be some attractions which you would like to incorporate into your travel itinerary. Alternatively, we are more than happy to make suggestions and offer local advice based on first-hand knowledge.

Would you like to join a tour guide?

In most cases, the services of a local guide are included on day tours and excursions but should you need a guide for specific attractions which are not included on tour, we can always organize this for you.

Do you have any special meal requirements?

Although meals are not included on a standard itinerary, this is often to enable visitors to venture away from the beaten path and explore local eateries in each destination. That being said, if you should have any queries or concerns about food in the Baltic region, we are always happy to discuss such matters and put your mind at ease.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any of the above information.

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